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Welcome to Guidance!


Please click on the individual tabs to the right for detailed information about specific items.  Contact your School Counselor with any questions you might have about the information you find there. 


How to Schedule an Appointment with your School Counselor


1. You can use the Guidance Office kiosk, OR the link posted in the Schoology Guidance Resources Folder (located in your Guidance Class of 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 Schoology group page).


2. Your Counselor will send you a Schoology message with your appointment date and time to show your teacher or they may put a hard copy pass in your 1st-period teacher's mailbox.


**If you have an emergency, please come straight to Guidance and notify Mrs. Syva that you need to see your School Counselor immediately.

Our Guidance website is a resource hub of valuable information that could support students and their families as they discover opportunities and plan for post-secondary education.
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