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Diversity • Equity • Inclusion

Howard is using 2020-2021 to lay a foundation for the diversity, equity, and inclusion work ahead. This year is about establishing a common vocabulary and common language, taking baseline data, and establishing a clear vision and mission around diversity, equity, and inclusion for our staff, students, and other stakeholders.
Professional Learning
The cycle of planning for results and delivering professional learning for Howard High School of Technology.
Professional Learning
Partnership with Delaware State University Providing consult and training to our Cultural Responsiveness Team, providing professional development to faculty, collecting and analyzing data, and providing activities to be adopted or adapted for use in professional learning communities to sustain the professional development delivered.
The Howard Group (THG) The Howard Group is providing professional learning on race, equity, and social justice to the Howard staff. Howard staff will receive training and guidance needed to increase knowledge, shift thinking, and elevate understanding of racial equity.
University of Delaware (DASL) DASL will conduct focus groups to gather data as it relates to diversity, inclusion, and equity. DASL will analyze and provide feedback on data reports.
School-Based Cultural Responsiveness Team (CRT)

The Cultural Responsive Team helps to lead diversity, equity, and inclusion work at Howard High School. This takes place during professional learning days. The Equity team will develop/gain
knowledge and form common vocabulary around equity with the support from our partners such as DSU and THG.
Anthony Reid ~ Committee Chair
Shanna Abram ~ Member
Bradford Paik ~ Member
Marina Pini ~ Member
Kelly Kimpton ~ Member
Student Task Force - FaM
NCCVT's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Group, Forever a Moment, or FaM, has been meeting to develop their student voices as leaders and advocates to enact change at NCCVT and beyond. The FaM has focused on meaningful advocacy, goal setting, and district-wide collaboration leading to improved diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our community.
FaM's Goals
  • To offer a safe place for courageous conversations to be fostered
  • To commit to a culturally responsive environment
  • To serve as a liaison between students and administration
  • To ensure that action steps are taken towards diversity, equity and inclusion
  • To interrupt racial tension and unconscious bias within our schools.
  • To educate students on the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion while creating a community rooted in trust and respect.