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Student Driving

Each year the Student Advisor’s Office issues driving/parking tags to students. Please read the following:

  • Emphasize to your student that arriving to school on time is essential.
  • Safety and good prompt attendance are key components of our driving/parking privilege.
  • Please complete and sign the Vehicle Registration Form and return the completed form to the Student Advisor’s Office. NO PARKING TAG WILL BE ISSUED UNTIL THE VEHICLE REGISTRATION FORM IS RETURNED.
  • If you lose your parking permit it will be your responsibility to find a ride to school as explained in this letter.


The Student Advisor’s Office has the authority to revoke a student’s tag for disciplinary actions not related to those listed below or those outlined on the Registration Form.


3rd late to school = Detention

4th late to school = Detention

5th late to school = 2 weeks loss of driving privileges

6th late to school = 1 month loss of driving privileges

7th late to school = loss of driving privileges determined by Mr. Matthews


We appreciate your cooperation in helping your son/daughter to adhere to our driving/parking policy. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our office at 302-571-5400.



Rahsaan Matthews and LaMar Roane

Student Advisors