Class of 2022 Graduation Info from Mrs. Marshall

Class of 2022, graduation is just 6 days away!! Please review the information below.

Graduation gowns and caps may not be altered in any way. This means that you cannot decorate your graduation attire and they must be worn as they are issued to you. This is a NCCVT district rule. Any student not in dress code or with any conduct issues during the ceremony will have their diploma withheld and must report to the school and meet with the principal to obtain their diploma at a later date. 


**School issued/approved Scholastic Honor Society Stoles, Career, or Military issued stoles or medals can be worn with your graduation gown. NO other additional stoles or extras can be worn with your graduation attire for the ceremony. Any non-approved items will be collected from students and given back to them after the ceremony.**


Class of 2022 Information Google doc is still being updated and edited daily to keep you informed! It can be viewed by clicking HERE!