Hybrid 2.0 Begins March 1

Hybrid 2.0 Bell Schedule - Click here

Transportation: All Hybrid 2.0 bus stop information is uploaded into HAC (Home Access Center).  Only students that signed up to attend in-person for Hybrid 2.0 will be allowed to ride the bus.  The list will be updated by March 22nd to add any new students that have changed from remote to in-person learning.  

How  to log into HAC - https://hacdoe.doe.k12.de.us/HomeAccess 

  1. Please select New Castle Votech
  2. Enter username and password.

If you do not know your user name and password please call 302-571-5421 or email [email protected]

Cohort 1 -  All students attending in-person on Monday and Tuesday.  Last names beginning with A- L.  Remote learning Thursday and Friday. 

Cohort 2 - All students attending in-person on Thursday and Friday.  Last names beginning with M - Z. 

Cohort 3 - All students who have opted out of in-person learning.  Will log into live sessions Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. You can opt-in on March 12th and beginning in-person learning on March 22nd after your request has been verified by the school. Call 302-571-5400 to change your selection.

Asynchronous Wednesdays - All students will be remote and complete assignments and work on their own.  Teachers will have office hours and will make themselves available for support.  

Students will follow their Eschool (HAC) schedule daily for all classes.