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Wellness Center

Howard Wellness Center is Open to Students for Appointments!
Phone Number: 302-576-8080
Fax 302-576-8084

Call the number above to schedule an appointment.

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 3 pm (and potentially after 3 pm for virtual visits)

Available Services:
  • Physicals for school, sports, or well-child
  • Immunizations including the Flu shot, a Tetanus booster, Meningitis shot, and Gardasil
  • Vaccine Form
  • Medical visits for minor acute illnesses such as upper respiratory infections
  • Follow-up asthma visits
  • In-office diagnostic screens such as for strep throat and skin infections
  • Medical evaluation of minor injuries
  • Reproductive Health services including screens and treatment for STIs
  • Birth Control including pills, Depo shot, and Nexplanon insertion (requires parent permission if under 18 years of age)
  • Most medications that are prescribed by the healthcare provider can be dispensed from our office (no cost to the student)
  • Mental Health Services including individual counseling sessions and group sessions
  • Nutrition Counseling sessions

Many of these services, including mental health counseling sessions, are available via telehealth from your home by using your iPad or personal cell phone. Contact us for more details.
A registration form will need to be completed for services. If we have one already on file, it is still good and does not need to be filled out again.

E Registration link: https://redcap.christianacare.org/surveys/?s=4JK4YTPRW4

All services are FREE for students. We do bill insurance if you have it but do not charge co-payments for our services and there are no costs if you do not have insurance.

***If you are interested or in need of community mental health services for students and/or your family, here is a list of Community Mental Health services and Hotline/Crisis information.